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Please follow the installation instructions included within your Owner’s Manual. The key to a fast installation is proper Cushion Mount positioning. Note carefully the position before dissembling the mounting system for installation. Be sure you can properly re-assemble the mount before continuing under the sink.


Disposer Installation

Why can’t I get my disposer to mount on the mounting ring? OR My Cushion Mount will not allow my mounting ring to drop?

The cushion mount if installed correctly will allow your mounting ring to easily drop over it, allowing room for the projections on the disposer to fit into. Looking at the Sink flange you will see a lip below the groove at the very end of the flange.

Note: If the cushion mount is installed correctly the lip at the end of the flange will be fitted into the groove, in the cushion mount.

Are Bio Shield Disposers expensive to install?

Through the use of our Speed Master mounting system, Bio Shield disposers are inexpensive and simple to install. No putty, glues or exotic tools are necessary.



Will it fit in a normal sink?

The Bio Shield disposers are designed to fit sinks with a 90mm sink hole. If the sink hole is not this size, it is a simple matter to connect your disposer by use of one of the following methods:
1.   Stainless steel, ceramic or marble sink holes can be enlarged by using either a hole punch tool or a hole saw.

2.   Porcelain sinks can be fitted with a 60mm adapter that is available to replace the current mounting assembly on the Bio Shield disposer.



I need to hardwire the garbage disposer. Are there general instructions?

Yes, you can hardwire your disposer although you may wish to install an outlet instead. If you wish to hard wire the disposer, simply cut off the power plug and strip the wires. You will need to, of course, turn off the main power to the junction box holding the old wire. Open the junction box and remove the wire nuts or electrical tape or whatever is tying the old disposer wire to the electrical wire inside of the junction box. Insert the new disposer wire with the stripped ends. Tie them to the electrical wire, using wire nuts or electrical tape. Close the junction box cover.

Of course, if you install the outlet instead, you will not have to cut off the plug nor strip the wires. Another advantage of installing an outlet is that, if there enough voltage to the junction box you could install a two gang outlet. You would then wind up with an extra outlet for use with such appliances as hot water dispenser, trash compactor, etc. One more advantage is that it would be easy to remove the disposer if, for whatever reason, you needed to do so.

Disclaimer: these suggestions are assuming that you have knowledge of connecting electrical wires safely. If there is any doubt, please contact a qualified electrician.



What is the correct way to position the cushion mount?


Cushion Mount Position Your Support Ring BEFORE the Cushion Mount.
Correct Position The rim (edge) of the flange fits perfectly within the groove of the Cushion Mount creating a flush appearance. Apply pressure with your thumbs around the rest of the cushion to attach completely . This shows the correct position.
Cushion Mount -Correct Side View

Another view of a correctly positioned Cushion Mount.

Cushion Mount Cutaway

Another view of a correctly positioned Cushion Mount.


Cushion Mount Finished Look

Another view of a  correctly Installed Cushion Mount.

Cushion Mount This Cushion Mount is installed incorrectly!!



The disposer isn’t running at all!

It could be a power problem. Check the power to the circuit that feeds the disposer. If the breaker is OK, then check the power at the switch. If you have power coming to, but not leaving the switch, then the switch is bad. Turn the circuit off and replace the switch.

16 Responses to “Disposer Installation”

written by Al. Donnelly On 12 March 2015 Reply

, I’m interested in purchasing your product via Costco in Montreal Canada. My question is the following, I have seen many types of waste disposals in stores and a majority of them come with a separate button or switch either on a wall or next to the sink on the counter and you throw the waste in the disposal with running water then press that switch , There are the other models and that’s the one I am looking for that you just throw the waste in the disposal with running water replace the splash guard turn it and it starts the grinding. Can you tell me which one of your models is what I’m looking for

A. Donnelly

written by joneca On 16 March 2015 Reply

Hello A. Donnelly,

The unit that you “are looking for” is called a batch feed model. There are two listed batch feed models on Costco.ca; the EL-9-BF which is a 3/4 hp model and the EL-10-BF, which is a 1 1/4 HP model. Both are fine disposers.

Regards, Edward

written by David Garcia On 17 April 2015 Reply

Hello, you need to have the button to turn on my grinder or works in automatic to add food waste, because the button is not included.

written by joneca On 22 April 2015 Reply

It sounds like you may be referring to a Batch Feed disposer which in that case does not require a button or switch. It is activated by inserting the stopper. If this is not what your are referring to, please feel free to contact us directly at consumerservice@joneca.com

written by Jay burdick On 11 October 2015 Reply

My titan t 1060 started stinking like plastic burning and started smoking. Apparently the reset/ breaker doesn’t work. If I wasn’t home to unplug it I believe it would have started on fire. Is there a warrenty on this unit so I can get it replaced. It doesn’t work at all now.

written by joneca On 12 October 2015 Reply


Please call 1-888-856-6322 for immediate assistance. Or email us at consumerservice@joneca.com.

Thank you.

written by Wish On 23 November 2015 Reply

I bought your product 1-1/4 HP from Costco about 18 months ago.
This may be a great product for other sinks but has some issue with stainless type. I installed this on Stainless sink and faced some issues. After year and a half of installation, the lower fiber gasket degraded and ended in leakage through the top flange. Thankfully there is a sealing gasket set I could buy from joneca that helped me to replace them. But now I am waiting for another leakage to happen. The reason in my opinion is a bad design of sealing. There is a flat gasket that goes between Sink flange and the sink at top. And then there is a fiber gasket that is between the lower threaded flange and the sink on lower side. I believe this fiber gasket is supposed to protect against the rotation of assembly and provide a cushion between the lower flange and the sink. But while operating the disposal , due to the starting torque from the motor, the sink flange on the top moves a bit (rotary motion). I hand tighten the lower threaded flange and was pretty tight. Slowly over time, the upper gasket starts getting deformed and coming out of sink flange, letting the water flow to the fiber gasket under it , that is not water resistant. Eventually the fiber gasket rots and sealing is GONE. The water started to leak through the assembly. To prevent this issue, I would suggest instead to use a little thicker rubber gasket in between fiber gasket and the stainless sink at the bottom side. This would provide a good sealing as there may not be any remedy to prevent the rotary jerk in whole motor. I will post again with my findings. Any idea, please response

written by joneca On 30 November 2015 Reply

Dear Wish,

Thank you for your comment. We will forward your comment to our engineering department as we are always open to improving our products. In the interim please call our customer service number 1-888-856-6322 so that we can improve your current situation with some suggestions.

Thank you.

written by anonymous On 5 February 2016 Reply

I would like to know if we can add a switch to the Eco-Logic 10 food waste disposer or it only works once the stopper insterted ??

written by joneca On 8 February 2016 Reply


If you have purchased a Batch Feed disposer, it cannot be converted into a Continuous Feed and visa versa. Attempting to would void the warranty. Best scenario is to exchange the Batch Feed for a Continuous Feed at your retailer if at all possible.

Thank you.

written by Terrence Mysak On 12 August 2016 Reply

Need Screws
I picked up a ASD-1250 from our local Costco. The problem I am having is I can not find any screws for the unit at the Discharge port. What is the Thread and size as well as length

Thank You Need a quick answer or I take it back.

written by joneca On 12 August 2016 Reply

Hello Terrence,

Thank you for your purchase. The outlet gasket and screw set are packed inside the disposer grinding chamber in a plastic bag. Please reach inside the disposer chamber to retrieve the plastic bag with parts.

Thank you.

written by Adam On 13 October 2016 Reply

what does the silver guard do and is it necessary? I can’t get mine to fit. There is not enough room for it.

written by joneca On 13 October 2016 Reply

Dear Adam,

The Silver Guard is an accessory that helps to prevent potentially damaging metal objects from falling into the disposer. It is not necessary for the operation of the disposer but functions as an add on accessory. http://joneca.com/res-disposer-accessories/silver-guard/

It fits installations that have standard sinks. Occasionally a customer may have an extra sink thickness that it is not compatible with the accessory. In that case an extended sink flange is necessary.

We apologize that it will not fit your disposer, however, it will not impact the performance of your disposer in any way. Please email us directly if you would like to discuss further. consumerservice@joneca.com.

Thank you.

written by Sandy Granados On 20 February 2017 Reply

We have the T 1060 disposer and we cannot get the unit to lock into position, one of the clips broke on the unit, on the upper hopper. The part where it should slide into lock position, one broke during assembly as its made of plastic. How can we replace?

written by joneca On 21 February 2017 Reply

Dear Sandy,
We regret hearing of the issue you have experienced with your Food Waste disposer. Unfortunately, the projections cannot be repaired in field once they break off. We ask that you please contact us directly for further assistance. 1-888-856-6322
Thank you.

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